Curtain Cleaning, Drape, Office Blind Cleaning

Curtain cleaning kuala lumpur

We are specialist on providing the latest solution to clean curtains, drapes and office blinds on site without removing the curtains. We use the latest onsite steam cleaning that is effective to remove dusts, eradicate dust mites, odours and contaminants, leaving curtains looking refreshed and smelling great. We offer the quick and easy method for curtain cleaning in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor only because they don’t have to be taken away. Also the house does not have to be without curtains for days. We finish cleaning within few hours and onsite.

Outstanding Curtain Cleaning Services

Our latest technology to clean curtain harnessing the power of steam (hot water extraction method) to provide the most effective treatments. As steam penetrates the dirt and odours locked within the materials, it provides a deep clean that rejuvenates these areas with results that will simply astound.

Why Choose UNIQ Curtain Cleaners

  • Hassle Free onsite cleaning, no mess, no worries
  • Quick and no downtime
  • Remove dust, kill germs & bacteria, dust mites
  • Affordable & Quality cleaning guaranteed

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