Steam extraction carpet cleaning is also known as Hot water extraction carpet cleaning that uses hot water to spray jet water deep into carpet fiber to loosen and remove tough stains, grimes, soil, pollutants, oil, and kills germs and bacteria.

Our steam extraction machine is an industrial machine used by professional carpet cleaning companies internationally and not the small non-commercial carpet cleaning machine used by small companies

Carpet, upholstery & mattress cleaning machine

Do not get cheated with small cheap machines and using low technology cleaning for carpet. Insist on using the real Steam Cleaning machine (imported) as per our photo above. You can also Google search the technology for carpet cleaning and we are using the same machine and methods.

It is our assumption that we are able to clean carpet on our own, but it is not as effective as you might think. Choosing to vacuum every month by ourselves or hiring a cleaner does not improve the hygiene condition of your carpet or remove stains effectively.

steam extraction carpet cleaning

It is highly recommended to hire professional carpet cleaning company that use steam extraction cleaning system every 6 months or yearly once. There are many office carpet cleaning KL based companies,  but not all companies use the advance cleaning carpet method using steam extraction or they don’t have the actual steam cleaning machine.

Basically, vacuuming alone isn’t enough. Though vacuuming may be the only way to improve your carpet condition and hygiene of your carpet generally but more importantly is to protect your health.

“Average condition of the indoor air quality can be eight to 10 instances worse than outdoor quality of air. This is because indoor air contains trapped pollutants, germs and bacteria on carpet, floor, furniture, drapes and this pollutants circulates through indoor air conditioner.” says professional carpet cleaner of 10 years Harry, who specializes in allergy-free of charge office cleaning and housekeeping. A lot of people suffer from poor health when it is polluted with indoor allergies that causes office staff falling sick frequently because of flu and also affect staffs with asthma.

To improve the indoor hygiene air quality, Harry recommends that you call experts to steam carpet carpeting atleast 6 months once or yearly once for office or home installed with wall-to-wall carpet.

Always hire a professional carpet cleaners that are trained and have supervisors monitoring the technicians at work. It is important that you insist on testimonials and proof of previous projects undertaken by the contractor. “We recommend our clients to check the background and validate the contractors process, equipments and chemicals before awarding the project, this is because we had a case where client had awarded a project to a carpet cleaning company that uses detergents as form of chemical for cleaning carpet, which is harmful and damage the carpet fibers.” he added. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)  recommend professional hot water extraction method with non-toxic carpet chemical that are safe on carpet fibers.

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