Cuci karpet Dan Permaidani


UniqCare Cleaning menyediakan perkhidmatan pembersihan cuci karpet sekitar Lembah Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya sejak 2009.

Kaedah pembersihan kami menggunakan teknology pengekstrakan air panas atau juga dikenali sebagai pengekstrakan cucian stim sistem berfungsi secara menyemburkan stim ke serat karpet untuk melonggarkan dan menghilangkan bau, kotoran, debu, bahan pencemar, minyak, dan membunuh kuman dan bakteria. Kaedah pembersihan terkini lebih efektif, mesra alam dan mengeluarkan air 99% dan proses pengeringan yang cepat.

Karpet rumah/ permaidani kami menyediakan pickup hari yang sama atau 1-2 hari, dan masa penghantaran pulang dalam 7-10 hari bekerja.

4 Langkah Proses Cucian:

Langkah 1: Pre-conditioning – Menggunakan larutan agen pembersih yang selamat untuk memecahkan kotoran/ bau.

Langkah 2: Pembersihan fokus tempat kotoran 

Langkah 3: Proses scrubbing memulihkan fabrik karpet

Langkah 4: Pembersihan pengekstrakan stim 

Pemeriksaan Akhir oleh Penyelia dan touch-up sekiranya diperlukan.

Kaedah kami memerlukan penguanaan air yang kurang dan proses cepat kering, kami menggunakan agen pembersih berkualiti tinggi yang selamat & pet& child safe. Juruteknik kami yang cukup berpengalaman & cekap menjamin kepuasan 100% dengan mutu kerja.

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    Why Choose UniqCare


    Recommended and best practice
    Our cleaning method follows the international standard of performance regarding to cleaning, stains removal, use of chemical and method of solution application.

    Trained Technician

    Our professionals are master in their field
    Our technicians are all trained by experienced industrial trainers of experts and knowledgeable in carpet, upholstery and floor care.

    Industrial Grade Machines

    Latest Italy technology Europe Standard
    Our carpet steam cleaning machine is industrial grade imported from Italy brings the best result, fast dry time and save time.

    High Quality Solutions & Environment Friendly

    Non-toxic & pet safe solutions
    We only use environmentally-friendly equipment, non-toxic solution to clean that is safe for general health, baby & pet safe.

    Insured & Protected

    Protection against accidental damage on the job
    All our jobs undertaken is covered by insurance and protected for any material damage or accident at job site.

    Always On Time

    We value time management
    Our customer service helps manages schedule efficiently. Proper scheduling ensures service jobs are covered at appropriate times.

    24/7 Emergency Ready

    We are ready to serve your emergency needs
    Eemergencies cannot wait - when you need emergency we are ready to serve you for all situations such as flooding or fire.

    Satisfaction Gurantee

    We leave with a smile on your face
    We strive to do the best in our field of expertise and ensure we deliver the best result to the expectation of our customers.



    Harga Berpatutan. Lebih Penjimatan.
    RM 0.40 kps (kaki persegi)
    • Karpet ofis, wall to wall, Masjid, dewan, hotel
    • Process cucian 4 langkah
    • Cucian stim
    • Mesin cucian gred industri
    • Proses keringan pantas
    • Keluar kotoran & bau
    • Ejen pembersih selamat & berkualiti  


    Harga Berpatutan. Lebih Penjimatan.
    RM 1.50 kps (kaki persegi)
    • Pengambilan & penghantaran percuma, cucian on-site
    • Wool, synthetic, Turkey, Persian
    • Process cucian 4 langkah
    • Cucian stim
    • Mesin cucian gred industri
    • Proses keringan pantas
    • Keluar kotoran & bau
    • Ejen pembersih berkualiti tinggi & halal 
    • Pickup hari yang sama. Penghantaran pulang 7-10 hari bekerja.   

    Popular Questions (FAQ)

    Steam extraction cleaning is also known as hot water extraction carpet cleaning that uses hot water to spray jet water deep into carpet fiber to loosen and remove tough stains, grimes, soil, pollutants, oil, and kills germs and bacteria. This technology is widely used in the US and European countries to clean carpet, car seat interior, carpets & upholstery.

    Our cleaning process takes around estimate 45 min to 1 hour for below 800sf,

    2,000-3,000sf 2 hour – 3 hours,

    4,000 – 6,000sf 4 hours – 6 hours,

    7,000sf – 9,000 sf 6 hours – 8 hours.

    All cleaning process involves water to effectively remove stains, bacteria and germs. Our method using powerful industrial extraction machine to suck all the water, however there will be slight 5% dampness after cleaning using steam extraction process. Dampness or moisture dries naturally dry naturally 1-2 hours in room temperature or faster with aircond.

    Yes, we do it at your home. We are a mobile service provider using machine that able to perform anywhere where there is water and electricity.

    Yes, all our chemical solutions is water based and alkaline, it is applied on the surface and immediately 100% sucked with clean water after pre-conditioning using powerful industrial grade extraction machine.

    Yes, all stains are removable except for damaged fabric and discoloration. Some stains are permanent damage and beyond cleaning. We use only the safe cleaning method and recommended process to remove spot stains. But if the stain doesn’t remove, then the stain is a permanent damage to your fabric/leather material. We do not recommend more pressure or abrasion and applying more chemicals as this would cause more damage to your material. Primary purpose of our cleaning is for better hygiene and improving the condition.

    Yes this method able to remove urine stains and odor if the stain is just recently happened. However, if the urine stain prolong duration of time, it causes discoloration or fabric damage. We recommend to immediately clean urine stain to avoid permanent damage.

    There is 2 reasons sometimes there is color difference appearance.

    1. After stain is removed, discoloration appears. This is a permanent damage effect.
    2. If the material is not cleaned for long time, the original color faded. This is a permanent effect.