Disinfection Service Vaporize Misting

UniqCare Cleaning offers professional disinfection service using ULV cold fogging machine by vaporize misting method using water based chemical that is lab tested proven to eliminate 99.9% covid-19 virus, pathogens, bacteria, germs and fungi. Using vaporize misting method provides 360 degrees coverage of all areas fast and suitable for surface and air disinfectant treatment, the disinfectant is water based, non-alcohol, non-sticky, non-toxic, skin safe, non-corrosive and suitable for home, office, factory, education center, healthcare, labs, sports center, petshops. Vaporize misting disinfection service is suitable for food processing environments, food grade disinfectant solution is available.

Our health begins at home and workplace

Our disinfectant is a chemical agent which destroys or inhibits growth of pathogenic microorganisms that can be applied safely on objects and open environment, it is safe on humans, animals, skin and surfaces, non-toxic and non-alcohol based. We also provide real-time ATP testservice report and certification upon completion.

Vaporize misting
Vaporize misting method can target and cover all surface areas giving complete protection and sterilize your home or office.

  Ministry Guidelines
Our disinfectants have undergone extensive lab testing, 100% safe test and approved by relevant local authorities, halal certification and health department.

Why choose us as your trusted disinfection service provider

We carry out our responsibilities in a disciplined way, and offer a series of checks and balances so that you can be certain the work we do is always first-rate.

Water based, non-alcohol
Safe on surface and skin, non-flamable
Proven, tested & approved by ministry
Equipped with professional full PPE gear
ATP test report and certification provided
Trustworthy, reliable and timely services

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Disinfection Service

Vaporize misting disinfectant as per KKM guidelines for COVID-19 and pathogens.

RM 0.35
per sf
Disinfection Service
  • Vaporize misting spray
  • Lab tested, 30 seconds kill time
  • Water based solution
  • Non-sticky and instantly vaporize
  • Safe on all surfaces & non-toxic
  • Low downtime – continue to occupy within 30 minutes after treatment
  • Certificate of Disinfection awarded
  • Minimum charges 700sf below RM250
  • Optional: ATP Testing separate charges


Yes. We conform to the guidelines set by the KKM on the chemical specifications, PPE gears and method of disinfetion.

Yes, our chemical agent is lab tested for efficacy on eliminating 99.99% germs, bacteria, virus, safe on all surfaces and also certified Halal from Jakim.

Our solution is safe and non-toxic because the dilution is very minimal, it doesn’t have effects if applied directly on skin or effects on any hard surfaces.

The fogging process is estimated 20-30 minutes per 500sf-1000sf area. Once the service completed continue to allow mist settles in 30 minutes, you can continue to use your office, workspace and your daily lives.

We are committed to providing the quality service . Call 019-3097102 to get FREE quote.

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