Uniqcare Cleaning are professional deep cleaning company with over 10 years experience and also pioneers of the industry, we have served over 20,000 residential and commercial customers serving around Klang Valley. We are specialist in deep cleaning service, our in-depth experience over the years in giving service and also support to our customers who needs expert advice. We are the go to expert for professional advice and support if any problems in the deep cleaning segment. Customers are recommended reading our FAQ & T&C, by engaging our service you agree to our Terms of service and disclaimers here.


1. What is your method of carpet cleaning/ upholstery cleaning?

We use the latest technology steam extraction carpet/ upholstery/ mattress/ curtain cleaning method or also known as hot water extraction, it is the recommended cleaning method by world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries. Steam extraction utilizes hot water which is pumped into the carpet after solvents and shampoos which are applied to the carpet and then vacuumed instantly to extract water and chemical foam. The steam extraction method is used for fabric material cleaning only. Our machine are all industrial grade machine that extracts 95% water and leaves very little moisture that dries under room temperature or faster drying under air-conditioner.

2. Why steam extraction cleaning method recommended by IICRC & EPA?

Research indicates that the hot water/ steam extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning. Steam extraction is favored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-US) and is the preferred method of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC -US).

Any cleaning method will get “some” results. But if you want to remove germs, bacteria, pollen, dirt, pet dander and millions of dust mites without chemical or soap residue then you want to choose professional steam extraction cleaning.

To know more on different methods of cleaning and why steam extraction carpet cleaning is highly recommended, follow this link:

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3. What are the benefits steam extraction carpet cleaning?

Carpet manufacturing experts agree their is one “best” method for cleaning carpets in your office & home. That method is steam extraction cleaning or “hot water extraction cleaning”. Check the major carpet mills websites you will see they overwhelming recommend steam cleaning as the preferred method of cleaning. And starting in Jan 2007, Shaw Industries, the largest carpet maker will be requiring carpets be steam cleaning at least once every 24 months by a IICRC certified Tech to maintain warranties.

  • DEEP EXTRACTION – goes into carpet fiber where dirt can be embedded. Soil is extracted from base of carpet not scrubbed in deeper. The dirt and soil are taken out of carpet with hot water rinse action
  • NO SOAPS & DETERGENTS – all cleaning agents are non-residue materials and wash out with the rinse
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE for all carpet types and fibers, including the stain resistant types, like StainMaster
  • SANITIZES removing 95% of bacteria, dust mites, allergy laden particles, pollens and pollutants in the carpet that can attribute to allergic reactions.
  • SPOTS & STAINS – most spots and stains are removed during cleaning process, we also post spot if needed for difficult stains and spots. Most come out, some don’t
  • CARPET PILE DISTORTION – The powerful vacuum action and hot water used during cleaning helps restore that “like new” look to your carpet. The carpet is clean and standing up like new.
  • FAST DRY – most carpets are dry in 2-4 hrs.
  • ECONOMICAL – Helps extend the life of your carpet. It cheaper to clean than replace.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS – our main cleaning agents are safe for children and pets are odor free, Hypoallergenic, no enzymes, no bleach, no suds, non toxic, non flammable, no VOC’s, No sticky residue. No soaps or harsh detergents are used.

4. How often should my carpets be cleaned?

Depending on how heavy is the usage or traffic at your office, if there are pets in your home, one recommended by most carpet manufactories is, at least once every 6 months.

For frequent cleaning, we suggest that you opt for our contractual cleaning and enjoy discounts for long term. Contact us to find out long-term contract saving plans.

5. What is the duration time for cleaning & drying?

All deep cleaning companies use the same process of using water to clean, but we are using powerful industrial grade extraction machine that is capable of extracting 95% of moisture, which will dry faster with assistance of air-conditioner. Air blower may also assist in drying, however the cleaning process will take more time and slower to dry compared to air-conditioner. That is the reason we recommend air-conditioner as a faster drying method.

Our cleaning service recommends use of air-conditioner for faster drying time. If there is no proper ventilation  may cause unpleasant musky smell, however the musky smell is temporary and disappear after a few hours or a day. Below indications are estimated drying period based on use of air-conditioner.

0-500 sft – 1 hour (drying time: 1-2 hours)
0-1,000 sft – 1-2 hours (drying time 1-2 hours)
1,000sft- 2,000sft – 1-2 hours (drying time 2-3 hours)
2,000sft – 5,000sft – 2-4hours ( drying time 3-4 hours)
5,000sft – 8,000sft – 4-8 hours (drying time 3-5 hours)
8,000sft – 12,000sft – 8-10 hours (drying time 5-8 hours)
20,000 – 40,000sft – for large area projects kindly contact us

Sofa/ Upholstery cleaning:
1-2 seater: 30-45 minutes (drying time 2-4 hours)
3- 6 seater: 1 hour (drying time 2-4 hours)

Single/ Super single: 1 hour (drying time 1-2 hours)
Queen/King: 1.5 hours (drying time 2-4 hours)

Every 100sf: 1 hour (drying time 1-2 hours)

Note: For larger projects we use multiple larger teams to complete task faster.

6. Do I need to inform carpet/ upholstery material and condition?

Customer must inform before engaging our service of the condition of carpet/ upholsery of any visible damage and if any specialty carpet/upholstery material, or requires carpet manufacturers cleaning chemicals or method. We highly recommend customers to contacting carpet manufacturers on recommended cleaning solutions or special treatment on carpet cleaning.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible and will not refund for any damage to carpet/upholstery made of special type of materials from negligence of  not informing before engaging our service. Clear information with instruction cleaning must be given by customers for specialty or expensive carpets/ upholstery.

7. Why is there difference in color or visible damage after cleaning?

Generally, after cleaning will expose pre-existing condition such as fabric damages or color fading, rust or discoloration or damage marks due to stains or dirt that have hidden the discoloration or damages. Carpet is generally exposed to daily wear & tear and damages sometimes are not visible to our eyes. Our cleaning detergent/chemical or method does not cause any discoloration or damage to carpet.

Terms: We practice safe cleaning method including using recommended detergent/chemical according to material type and chemical manufacturer guide. We are not be held liable or responsible for any visible differences after cleaning due to the above stated condition.

8. Can all stains on carpet removed?

General stains are removed during cleaning process, our emphasis is to apply recommended chemical for fabric types and do cleaning. Most stains come out, but some don’t because some carpet/ upholstery fabric may have damaged or discolor due to old stains and become permanent damage. Other type of damages includes carpet worn out due to heavy traffic or old carpet fibers have become thin. Carpet cleaning service are not applicable for spot stains such as paint, gum, old coffee stains, watermark, damaged wear & tear carpet/ worn out carpet, lipsticks, blood, oil paint mark, oil stains, old food stains. For spot stain cleaning is a specific service and is not applicable for general carpet cleaning. Please request for separate quote if you need a spot stain cleaning for paint, gum, old coffee stains, lipsticks, blood and heavy duty stains and charges are separate for spot stain cleaning service. We still charge full service charge if stains are not able to be removed.
Disclaimer: We charge full service fees for supply of labor, transportation, chemical and machine as quoted if stains are not able removed. Our service is performed in best effort basis, safe & recommended professional cleaning method.

9. Can rust, coffee, lipstick, blood, chemical stain removed?

Rust, coffee, lipstick, blood, chemical stain generally if exposed for long period of time it will harden the fabric material and not be able to remove the stains. We will apply safe chemicals and cleaning method to safely clean on the material, if the stain is not removed it is probably a permanent damage.

10. Why some watermark stains cannot be removed?

Generally watermarks stains can be removed, however sometimes there are conditions that may cause watermark stain permanent, due to age of the stain and discoloration. Watermarks are subjective, sometimes can be removed 80% if the stain did not damage the carpet fiber or discoloration. But sometimes the watermark damage becomes permanent to the carpet fiber, sometimes after cleaning area of the watermark spot it becomes more visible, this is due to the discoloration on the watermark spot and the surrounding area stains after removed becomes brighter. We recommend immediate cleaning on water damage area within 1 week to avoid permanent watermark damage.

11. Is there any improvement cleaning old rug carpet, flattened and dried rusted rug?

Old rug carpet will not be able to see any appearance improvement after cleaning due to the stains has become a permanent damage to the fiber or faded due to discoloration. Carpet that is old or/and been stored by wrapping long time or exposed to sun light will cause the carpet fiber become stiff, crunchy and brittle, there is no solution to this problem. Carpet that are placed under furniture or heavy objects for long period of time will tend to be flattened and discolored, there is no solution to cleaning or restore the condition appearance of the carpet.

12. What chemical do we use for carpet/ upholstery/ mattress/ curtain cleaning?

Our solution is a water based alkaline solution specifically used for delicate fabric material such as carpet, upholstery, mattress and curtain. Our chemical is high grade solution, non-toxic, non-detergent, non-acidic, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, leave no sticky residue, No VOC’s, Environmentally safe for children and pets and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Approved*. All materials are handled and prepared in accords with manufactures guidelines. The cleaning products we use have no soaps or detergents that can leave sticky residue in your carpets. We have been using the same solution for 10 years without any issues or complaints.

Our chemical solutions has MSDS (chemical datasheet), we can be provided upon request.

13. How long does it take before I can start walking or sitting after clean?

You can walk on damp carpets at anytime. Our powerful extraction cleaning extract 98% of the moisture so drying times can be quicker (average 1-3 hours). Carpet can be slippery especially on stairs and going from carpeted to hard floors, so kindly please be careful.

For sofa/mattress/curtain and upholstery we recommend that you allow the complete drying of the upholstery before use.

14. Do you provide after service guarantee?

Yes, we want to serve you with the best quality service to our job. Before we leave the job site, we will walk through with the clients on the job and ensure they are satisfied. We are more than obliged to retouch until customer satisfied while we are on site. If you are not happy with our service within 48 hours, we are more than obliged to touch up again. We provide 24 hours cleaning service warranty (if we have slot available) on stains touch up for carpet, sofa, upholstery, curtain and mattress cleaning. You are required to WhatsApp to 019-276 7102 send photos of areas of your complaint for us ascertain and verify if the areas are stains or permanent carpet fiber or upholstery fabric damage.


You need photo submission of the area of problem via WhatsApp. Complaints must be addressed within 48 hours job completion.

If after the 48 hours time period of warranty we will charge for touch up based on hourly charges RM150 per hour.

The client must be on site to show the area and sign off form for validation we have completed the job.

Our office will do the best to arrange soonest possible and available free slot date and time during working days (Monday-Saturday) and office hours.

We only do touch up on area of stains and will not clean the whole carpet area/sofa/upholstery/mattress/curtains.

If customer request to do the whole whole carpet area/sofa/upholstery/mattress/curtains, we will charge RM150 per hour.

For rug cleaning, we will touch up if your not satisfied within 7 working days after we deliver.

We will not accept for discount or deduction for our cleaning service as we have rendered our best effort service and guarantee for touch up service.

– Empty or unoccupied units for more than 1 month.
– Normal or general soiling from everyday use.
– Stains caused by bleach, corrosives, acne medicines, dyes, inks, abuse, vandalism, or disasters such as floods, fire or other acts of God.
– Pet or other stains of a repetitive nature.

15. Is your company insured for the services provided?

Yes. We are insured for services we provide. However insurance companies have due diligence for all claims and limited liability.

16. What are the steps & process of cleaning for carpet & upholstery?

  1. Carpet Evaluation and Pre Cleaning Inspection
  2. Pre-Vacuum areas to be cleaned of large objects on surface
  3. Vacuum all accessible wall/carpet edges/cracks
  4. Pre-treat all areas, especially traffic lanes
  5. Pre-Spotting all stains and spots
  6. Post-Spotting all stains and spots, with special spotters products
  7. Final Rinse Extraction of Carpet to remove soils, pollinates, pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, etc

17. Do we move furniture or electrical items during cleaning?

We do no move any furniture includes: office tables, cabinets, sofa, loveseat, recliner, chair, coffee table, small side tables, ottomans, files, copier machine. NO moving of large or expensive items, electronics, sectional sofas, beds, dressers, dressers w/ mirrors. If you’re not sure, please contact us to get more information. We clean all accessible areas with our cleaning wand.

18. What are the steps & process of cleaning for pet stain and bad odor?

We have special chemical to treat urine spots, smell and discoloration. We mix of special urine treatment and pour it onto an area to break up urine deposits and help naturalize smell.

19. What is dry cleaning?

Most major carpet manufacturers recommend and some now require steam extraction carpet cleaning, (aka,Hot Water Cleaning) as their preferred method of cleaning. Much like washing your hair you rinse out the soap before drying, steam extraction cleaning is highly effective in removing soil and other contaminants from your carpet using the flushing of water rinsing agents and extraction with a powerful vacuum system. It is one of five carpet cleaning processes that are officially recognized as an industry standard.

To most people “dry cleaning” means cleaning without water. The fact is, most carpet cleaning advertised as “Dry” cleaning actually uses anywhere from a little, to a lot, of water! Some companies use a white powder materials that is sprinkled on the carpet and worked in with a brush machine. The material supposedly absorbs the soil and is vacuumed away. But dry cleaning is very costly and not suitable for most type of carpet and if not properly done the carpet will have left over residue that can damage the carpet. For the majority of commercial & residential customers steam extraction cleaning will deliver the most effective results being its the method recommend by the largest carpet manufactures.

20. Does pen markings on leather or fabric sofa removable?

Pen markings are not removable and we do not guarantee able to remove for any service that has pen markings. We still charge full service charge if stains not removed.

21. Is it safe to clean sheer and black-out curtain?

Yes, sheer curtain and block-out can be cleaned, as it also collects, dust, mold, fungus and allergens. However, we have a service disclaimer against liability to damage on the sheer or block-out during cleaning. The reason is because the material is thin and delicate therefore it is fragile. Nearly all sheer curtains today are made of nylon or polyester, and due to the material exposed to environment such as heat and sunlight it will cause wear and tear. During cleaning, the technician clean as safely as possible using machine, however sometimes, due to manufacturing defect, age, wear and tear of the material the thread could tear. We will not be held liable for compensation if this situation arises.

22. What is the maximum height for curtain cleaning?

Maximum height for curtain cleaning is 12ft. Our machine and hose will not reach higher than 12ft.

23. Empty/unoccupied unit, post reno unit, charges for carpet leaning is different?

For empty units/ post reno units carpet cleaning, there is extra charges. Heavy dust carpet condition due to unoccupied/ empty units, many years didn’t do carpet cleaning or vacuuming, or after post renovation cleaning requires more deep cleaning and extra step treatment. Dust are fine particles sometimes will not be able to remove with single time treatment. We recommend customers to take Extra package cleaning treatment for heavy dust on carpet.

24. Can rotten (reput) carpet be cleaned?

There are various types of carpets made from wool, fiber, silk and polypropylene (plastic)/synthetic fiber. And most cases involving rotten (reput) carpets are made of polypropylene/synthetic fiber, when they rot (reput) there will be severe dust effects. This is because it is a type of plastic and it is not durable, one of the main reasons this type of carpet is damaged:

a. A carpet condition that is too dry for a long time.
b. Exposed to hot temperature/ sunlight (under the window).
c. Not cleaning properly.
d. Old carpet.
e. Store the carpet in a hot or dry place for a long time.

We will not accept rotten carpets for cleaning as they are useless and will not provide improvements.

25. Why rug carpet looks dirty after cleaning?

Rug carpet deteriorates over period of time when not clean frequently, the stain damage remains invisible. So why the carpet looks dirty after cleaning? The reason to this is due of the pre-existing condition of the invisible damage now becomes visible after cleaning.  The damage can be a discoloration or permanent damage due from the stain to fiber and is a pre-existing condition that was not visible before cleaning. A carpet’s age is another factor that could be causing its appearance to deteriorate after a recent cleaning. The fibres of your carpet fade, wear down, and fray over time. Cleaning carpet with professional carpet chemical and cleaning method does not damage the carpet.

26. Why there is color bleeding or color run on rug carpet after cleaning?

It is a situation during carpet cleaning that certain carpets color dye stains another area of the rug, muddling the original color.

What causes dye bleed?
1. Excess dye are not removed properly during manufacturing/ after weaving
2. Poor quality dye and material
3. Poor manufacturing practice that do not proper process to remove dye washing

During making of rug through traditional weaving/ manufacturing, a rug is washed after it is woven to remove any excess dye and color. The dye is also “fixed” before washing to make it stable. If the dye is not properly set it will not be colorfast when it comes into contact with water.

When a rug is purchased that has never been washed before, rug owners are often dismayed to know that their rug is experiencing color runs or color bleeding when it is sent for carpet cleaning. This condition is more common with cheap rugs or that are manufactured or made in China. Generally high quality and expensive rugs that are Persian/ Oriental does not have this problem due to the high quality of dye and process to remove excess dye on the rug.

Another reason for color bleed/ run is that the rug has not been washed or professional carpet clean for many years, due to the lack of washing it result in a loss of the oils on the dye, meaning that the oil is no longer holding in the dye and causes the dye to run when washed.

Our technicians are trained for dye stains test before cleaning, every rug is treated to specialize cleaning process using color run chemical and method to avoid this problem. However there are some situations when some rugs do not show the signs of dye bleed during the test, but only visible after cleaning.


We are not be responsible during carpet cleaning service if there are carpet bleeding or color run cases, because the damage is from the above causes, due to pre-existing condition of the carpet, wear & tear and age of the carpet.

27. What cleaning detergent do you use for carpet or upholstery?

Our chemical manufacturer is certified company with MS ISO 9001:2000, Halal certificate and has SDS certificate for chemicals related products specifically for carpet & upholstery material. Our chemicals are all water alkaline based and non-hazardous, non-acidic. Our detergent have been formulated safe on all type of carpets (roll carpet & tile), upholstery fabric, mattress fabric and curtain fabric.

28. COVID-19 Policy

Cleaner & Technicians are booster vaccinated and do self-test every 2 days. Machines are sanitized after every job.

29. PCR Test Request

If customer request for workers PCR test and result, customers must request 3 days beforehand and bear the full cost, we will provide the proof of receipts for the test.