Uniqcare Cleaning are professional deep cleaning company with over 10 years experience and also pioneers of the industry, we have served over 20,000 residential and commercial customers serving around Klang Valley. We are specialist in deep cleaning service, our in-depth experience over the years in giving service and also support to our customers who needs expert advice. We are the go to expert for professional advice and support if any problems in the deep cleaning segment. Customers are recommended reading our FAQ & T&C, by engaging our service you agree to our Terms of service and disclaimers.


Uniqcare Cleaning hereby known as “Contractor”
Customer hereby known as “Customer”
Staff of company hereby known as “Workers”

The contractor and their workers will not be hold liable to any damages caused during any cleaning services including but not limited to method of cleaning using machine, chemical reaction damages, or during removal of movable item during cleaning process in clients premises.

Contractor and their workers will not to hold liable for any lost or damage to valuables, furniture, fittings or breakables items. It is the responsibility of the clients that these items should be moved and kept at safe place by the customers before Contractors arrive.

All formal communication for notice of disputes or non-satisfactory disputes must be done through email to uniqcarpet@gmail.com within 24 hours. In any event, if the customer not satisfied and request for a second job visit, the “contractors” will charge a minimum fee of RM100 for only touch up jobs for less than 30 minutes for labor charge. In any event, if the customer not satisfied and request for a second job visit, the “contractors” will charge a minimum fee of RM100 for only touch up jobs for less than 30 minutes for labor charge.

All valuables must be removed from the room before Contractor arrives. Contractor will not accept any responsibility for damage to any valuable or breakable items which are left in the room once Contractors arrives.

Customer will follow required instructions for after cleaning service maintenance, process for drying and other instructions after cleaning process.

Customer have read service page and FAQ on our website, understood and agreed to our methods and process to engaging our service.

Customer shall indemnify, defend and save harmless the Contractor, and its directors, employees and agents, from and against all liability, loss, cost or expense (including attorney’s fees) by reason of liability imposed upon the Customer, arising out of or related to Contractor’s services, whether caused by or contributed to by the Customer or any other party indemnified herein, unless caused by the sole negligence of the Customer.

If at any point you ‘the customer’ has any questions about the work being undertaken, stop and ask your Contractors about what work is being done. If you are not happy for any reason. It is your responsibility to say and ask.

Customer or person elected to represent Customer or person in charge of assigning the project must be present on site, presence and supervisory is a must and recommended and any complaints should be informed immediately to the Supervisor at site on the day of the job. All complains will be immediately looked and action will be undertaken to ensure customers satisfaction.

Since cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service, we cannot offer refunds to Customer. However, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our services! We offer a Guarantee on all our services, if a task was not completed to your satisfaction or was missed during our visit simply contact the office and we will return to your site and re-clean the area or task with which you were dissatisfied at no additional cost to you. There are no refunds or price reduction for service rendered.

By Customer engage our service verbally, written or service is rendered by contractor without client signing contract and/or return via email or hardcopy is considered client accept our terms & conditions on our website or our quotation.

Uniqcare Cleaning

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